Small change, big impact

Play longer with the feeling of a newly strung racket

tennis with more control

You can adjust your string tension directly with the Retenser, add tension for more precision in your stroke, reduce tension for extra power. The Retenser provides increased control in your game and a better feeling and more fun when playing.


prolonged enjoyment of your strings


unique mechanism

The Retenser is a unique and patented mechanism including CCT1 technology, ITF approved and supported by several top players

1 Conic Cylinder Technology

easy to operate

The Retenser is easy to install by tennis string tensioners

Robin Haase about the retenser


Our products


  • 3 tension settings
  • For the recreational player
  • Optimize with up to 2 kg difference in string tension
  • Adjustment key


Retenser Pro

  • 3 tension settings
  • For the advanced player
  • Optimize even more precisely with 3 types of cylinders*
  • Additional adjustment key with orange cord
  • Luxury cylinder pouch


Where to get your Retenser?

The Retenser is available through affiliated resellers, tennis instructors and tennis string tensioners


Resellers can order the Retenser through our web shop